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  • National anthems

    National anthems

    This collaborative project within DIANE catalogues and explores the transnational roots of national and regional anthems in Europe. National anthems have been described as ‘possibly the strongest, clearest statement of national identity’. While individual case-studies point out that many of these national symbols had in fact transnational roots, historiography of this genre remains remarkably secluded […]

  • Independence Referendums

    Independence Referendums

    Direct democracy has been a means to gain greater autonomy for national and regional movements. In the past decades, many national and regional movements have organised independence referendums, with varying results. NISE is in the process of mapping these endeavours, and wants to showcase European independence referendums on a geographical map with timeline.

  • Choral Societies

    Choral Societies

    Throughout the second half of the nineteenth century, organised communal singing became a primary leisure activity in Europe that attracted all layers of society. These choral societies often became instruments of nation-building, singing in native languages and praising the homeland. Though strongly patriotic in tone, choral societies borrowed from each other and relied heavily on […]